Waihi's Ethical Silver

This is a very limited supply of Silver, most sales will be done on a pre-order basis only. - only 3 left

Ethical Silver, Conflict Free Silver or otherwise known as Green Silver is our most prized silver product for sale. Extracted from the underground mine within 2 kilometres of it’s over the counter sales point, Waihi’s Ethical Silver strives to meet global expectations of Silver that has been extracted from the ground ethically and with less environmental and social impact than historical mining practices.

Newmont Mining Corporation is the mining company and the processes in place around Newmont’s mining practices are very strict:

  • labour standards are high
  • respect for human rights is high
  • consents for mining operations is consented by affected parties
  • environmental impacts are monitored
  • ...and the list goes on.

Please refer to ou Ethical Gold and Silver page for further information on the Ethical Silver programs in place.

10 oz ingot

Mass:  10 troy ounces
Width:  34 mm
Length:  68 mm
Thickness: 12 mm
Purity:  99.9%

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