Chinese Panda - Gold

  • 1 oz Gold Chinese Panda
    1 oz Gold Chinese Panda

Panda Gold Coins are consistently minted by the People's Republic of China in several locations throughout the country. These gold coins serve as legal tender throughout China in denominations of 500 yuan (1-oz of pure gold), 200 yuan (1/2-oz of pure gold), 100 yuan (1/4-oz of pure gold and 50 yuan (1/10-oz of pure gold).

Chinese Gold Pandas celebrate one of that country's most prized symbols, the panda bear, on the front of the coin while the reverse side features the famous Temple of Heaven in Beijing, one of China's oldest Taoist temples.

1 oz

Face Value:  500 YUAN
Mass:  31.103 grams (1 Troy Ounce)
Diameter:  32.05 mm
Thickness:  2.70 mm
Purity:  99.9%

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