Who are we:

Waihihi Bullion Company Ltd is a privately owned New Zealand company, our background in the precious metals markets is both on the physical and investment side, having spent almost 20 years in the Derivatives, Bond & Commodities markets.

Why Gold & Silver:

Waihihi Bullion Company Ltd does NOT offer investment advice, please contact an appropriate Investment Advisor.

How Do I Buy Gold or Silver:

This can be done over the phone, via email or enquire on our website.

What is the Spot Price:

The Spot Price is the price that the goldmine receives for the gold/silver that they extract from the refining companies. The price you receive your bullion for is the spot price plus many other costs in order to deliver that fine gold/silver product to your doorstep, these costs include transportation from the mine pit to the refiners, assay costs, refining costs, fabrication costs, packaging, freight and insurance.

Do You Have a Shop:

Yes, the Gold Discovery Centre - 126 Seddon Street, Waihi, New Zealand - PH: 0800 285 546

Who can buy Bullion from WBC LTD:

Our clients consist of private investors, collectors, investors, speculators and makers of fine jewellery.

Do You Have a Minimum Order:

Yes, our minimum order is NZD $50 on the NZ website, other smaller priced items are available for sale at the Gold Discovery centre.

Can I Cancel My Order:

Once we have issued a confirmation price the priced is locked in wether you are buying or selling to us. It is not ur intention to enter into buying or selling accepting the risk, only to have the order cancelled. If you wish to cancel your order, then this nedds to be done during normal New Zealand business hours of 9am - 5pm (WGT). All cancellations are subject to our "Market Loss Policy". CANCELLATIONS MAY ONLY BE DONE OVER THE TELEPHONE. If at the time of the cancellation a market loss is incurred, then that market loss will be added to $50 (NZD) cancellation fee.

Do You offer Pool accounts:

No, not at this time.

What Form of Payment do you accept:

Cash, Credit Card, EFTPOS, PayPal, Bank Transfer

When Do I Pay:

Immediately, your funds need to be cleared in real time, if your funds do not clear immediately, then any price change in the market will be charged back to you.

What are your shipping costs:

All shipping costs in New Zealand are free. For all international purchases, we will provide a quote for you.